Lounge Armchair Luxy Cube 1 Seat

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Luxy Cube is appreciated for its ability to furnish any space, waiting for guests but also for informal meetings.


Lounge Armchair Luxy Cube 1 Seat


The CUBE concept is very much appreciated for the warm welcome it offers guests in waiting areas and also for informal meetings. The collection is a guarantee of elegance with its chrome details and nice comfort thanks to the particular cushioning which is also used for armrests. This line has been designed to offer a wrap around feeling. The wide selection of finishings and colours, leather included, can have CUBE placed in any setting with sobriety.

Our visitors sometimes have to wait for a couple of minutes. A few moments are however enough to appreciate the pleasant comfort of CUBE. An elegant collection including armchair, with aluminium frame or support legs. If you are kept waiting for a little bit longer, then sitting on CUBE will surely make it less “boring”.

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Weight 170 kg

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