Stripes S Container Geelli

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Stripes S Geelli 100 ml container, supplied with spray and pump. Can be used with refillable products such as for spraying plants.

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Stripes S Container Geelli

stripes s colored polyurethane gel bath container geelli

Versatile 100ml Stripes S container supplied with dispenser pump or spray and mini-spray. Use with refillable or homemade products, such as for misting plants, ironing clothes, or with water and vinegar solutions to have a natural limescale remover on hand in the bathroom and kitchen. Ideal for having a beautifully designed bottle that helps reduce waste and the use of chemical cleaners.

Dimensions: cm Ø 5 | h 14

Designer: Monica Graffeo

Material: polyurethane gel



soft geelli polyurethane gel

Pleasantly soft to the touch, the polyurethane gel accessories return to their original shape after being touched. The polyurethane gel can be used to make flexible, soft and durable objects, or to cover other parts of the product made with different materials, such as glass, mirrors or rigid polyurethanes. In both cases, it guarantees total protection against bumps and falls, resisting even extreme “shocks”.


geelli memory polyurethane gel

The main feature of this material is its “memory” which allows it to quickly resume its initial shape after it has been pressed with the hands, generating a soft and pleasant sensation.


polyurethane gel geelli adhesion to surfaces

Polyurethane gel is a compact material that has the ability to adhere to surfaces, without having to drill them.

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Weight 10 kg

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