Clothes hangers Colombo Geelli

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Colombo Geelli coat hanger made up of three ash wood rods that fit into a central “egg” made of Starlux material.

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Clothes hangers Colombo Geelli

white lacquered wood hanger starlux colombo geelli

Coat stand consisting of three rods that fit into a central “egg” made of Starlux material.

ash wood hanger starlux colombo geelli

Dimensions: cm 50 x 50 | h 200

Structure: Neutral ash wood, White lacquered wood

Designer: Alessandro Di Prisco

Materials: ash wood, Starlux




features starlux geelli rigidity

Thanks to its non-deformability, Starlux is ideal for making rigid and compact products, resistant to shocks and mechanical stresses, which can be coupled with polyurethane gel, obtaining solidity on the one hand and soft comfort on the other.

features starlux geelli opaque

Starlux can be used in combination with polyurethane gel to obtain adhesive products without adding glues. The Starlux products can be opaque or translucent and are offered in the same colors as the polyurethane gel items.

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Weight 10 kg

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